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ACMP-CGPM: The Military Union

ACMP-CGPM is the only genuine Belgian military union: apolitical, neutral and purely military. We are a modern professional association with 100% of our attention dedicated to the interests of the military personnel. We have a strong network of reprensentatives in each garrison and within every rank.

100% for Soldiers

All soldiers can rely on ACMP-CGPM for clear and truthful information about their military career, their rights and their duties. We defend the interests of our members in front of the authorities, in consultation forums and, where necessary, in court.

Therefore ACMP-CGPM always chooses a realistic, personal and solution-oriented approach.

100% for the Belgian Defence

As a military union, we also want to contribute to the development of a healthy Defence which, today and in the future, will be able to fulfill its tasks efficiently and most safely.

ACMP-CGPM chooses exclusively to defend the interests of all soldiers and the Belgian Defence department.

That is why real soldiers choose ACMP-CGPM: the only genuine professional military union!

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